Progress Report Three

We’ve been hard at work, and we are just about ready to open the doors. This Friday will be the first day we open the building to the public. The pictures below show some of the latest progress leading up to this week.

The floor needed a completed redo. We used a concrete floor sander to remove the old top layer of the concrete and get everything nice, smooth and clean.

In the next pictures, you can see the floor get a nice coat of stain and then a sealer coat put on it. We also finished capping everything off on the ceiling, getting a fresh coat of paint on it, and adding lights. All the interior siding has a natural colored stain on it and the metal has been finished up around the full building.

There are a few final touches to finish up by Friday, but the building is just about there. We will be working to finish up the disc racks that will line the walls, adding baseboards, a ceiling fan, placing the display cases in their final locations and then loading up our inventory and decorating. We will be hard at work to make sure the doors can be opened and look forward to seeing everyone.

Once we open the doors, the progress reports will still continue as there is much more to come. We will be pushing forward with the driving range, practice putting area, and then the 9 hole course. Stay tuned!

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    • outofbounds Post authorReply

      I believe when we get our driving range up and running, we will probably get some instructors out to give lessons.

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