Progress Report Four

Well, it’s been just under two months since our last progress report and our opening week. It has been amazing! Everything we could have hoped for and more. We have some great regulars who we get the pleasure of seeing quite often and we are getting new comers in every week. That’s all we can ask for. Thank you all for your support!

So what have we done and what do we have planned? Let’s get to it.


The shop is night and day since the last progress report. If you haven’t been in here yet, here are some pictures of what we have going on.

Out of Bounds Disc Golf Pro Shop
Disc golf pro shop entry way.
Prodgy Discraft Innova
Prodgy, MVP, Axiom, Discraft & Innova
Deal of the Day
Greatly discounted items, hand selected and rotated out each day.
Lounge Area
Lounge area with disc golf media, magazines, catalogs and streaming tournaments. Westside, Dynamic Discs, Lat 64, Streamline
Streaming Disc Golf Tournaments
Streaming Disc Golf Tournaments. Spin TV, Central Coast, etc.


300 FT Disc Golf Driving Range
300 FT Disc Golf Driving Range. This is the Tee Pad throwing out across the field, to the left side of the pole. At the back of the picture, you will see a mound of dirt by the tree line which marks 300 ft.

We just finished extending our driving range out to 300+ ft. Although the final touches are not complete, it is fully functional and open for the public. In the future, we will be adding in a more permanent tee box to throw from, marking out the distances so they are easier to see and flags for wind visualization.

The driving range has multiple uses. One of the most beneficial uses is for our disc testing system. We know discs are not exactly cheap. As much fun as it would be to just buy every disc you think you might want, it is just not feasible. There are LOT’S of different discs. Our goal is to help disc golfers become better players as well as be equipped to be the best player then can be. One way we help you find the right discs is by letting you test them out without any obligation to purchase to them.

We have a large collection of discs available for testing and that collection is constantly growing. So how does it work? Simple. You simply walk around our store, grab a few discs you’d like to try, let us know, and then head out to the driving range and have at it. When you’re done practicing, just bring the discs back in. If you decide you found your next disc, you simply set the old one back on the shelf, and buy yourself a brand new one. It’s that easy!

The second, and very beneficial use, is simply to practice. There is really no better way to practice disc golf then throwing discs over and over again across an empty path with marked distances. We welcome you, and really, we encourage you to bring your bag out to our driving range, and start throwing. Empty your bag out, get your discs and do it again. Come in to the AC, watch some pros, have a drink, then head out and do it again. Throwing all your discs across an empty field allows you to really see the flight patterns of your discs. Throwing with marked distances allows you to see how far each disc is going. This is disc golf. If you can throw your discs across a predetermined path, to a predetermined distance, consistently, your score card will look very pretty. So every now and then, you should really get off the course, and get out to our driving range and practice. Your game will greatly improve. Watching pros on tv and getting tips helps a lot too.


Out of Bounds Disc Golf Course Hole 9
Out of Bounds Disc Golf Course Hole 9 Tee Pad
Out of Bounds Disc Golf Course Hole 9 Drop Zone
Out of Bounds Disc Golf Course Hole 9 Drop Zone
Out of Bounds Disc Golf Course Hole 9 Island Basket
Out of Bounds Disc Golf Course Hole 9 Island Basket

Our course production is under way and we decided to start with hole 9. Hole 9 is our “Acehole”. sitting at about 190ft off the teebox, the basket is on a 30ft island. When you are looking at the first picture above, you have a nice straight shot down the middle straight to the basket if you can hit the line. The tree line in the second picture shows the furthest you can throw before hitting OB, unless you make it on the island. The left side of that tree line is the drop zone if you do end up OB, leaving you with about a 70ft putt to save par.

This hole is currently open to the public for play testing during our store hours. As of now, we will continue working on the next holes as well as opening them up for play testing with temporary baskets. As we analyze the hole layouts and scores during testing, we will be modifying each hole until we get them exactly how we want them. Once we are ready to finalize, we will install our permanent baskets and then begin our permanent landscaping. For example, right now, the tee box, the OB lines and the island around the hole 9 basket are all spray painted on the ground. When we finalize the layout, we will build that up into an actual island with a rock border and some sort of base such as mulch or decomposed granite to prevent mud. We will install actual tee pads and create visually appealing and obvious borders for the OB lines were necessary. We are going to put a lot of love and work into our course to make sure it provides the best disc golf experience strategically and visually.

We are getting really excited about the course and it is already a lot of fun designing it. We welcome you all to come out and help test the holes and be a part of the process in the best way possible. By playing and showing us how easy or how difficult our layouts are.

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