About Us
Our Story and Vision

We are a small family with a big heart and a love for disc golf. Out of Bounds is a family oriented disc golf venue with an onsite course, a very stocked disc golf pro shop and weekly events. 


Our main vision is to have a place that makes disc golfers happy. A place where you can come and fully immerse yourself into the world of disc golf and forget about everything else for a little bit.

If you’re a pro, our course is guaranteed to keep you fresh and help you fine tune your accuracy and shot placement. While the challenge of major distance (avg. hole length 300ft, largest 500ft) will not show up on many holes, every hole will have you thinking through a puzzle and figuring out the best way to approach the hole. And when you are off a little bit, the course will let you know. 

For beginners, this course will train you to check yourself down a little bit and think about what you are doing. It will teach you that different types of shots will yield better results and it’s up to you to figure out which is best. You cannot throw the same shot on every hole here and score your best. And while we do highly recommend doing field practice as well so you can see the flight of your discs without hitting trees, practicing on our course is also a crucial step to becoming a better player. We have met multiple people over the years that have drastically improved from scores in the 70’s to breaking par, and they said it was 100% from playing our course so much. 

Out of Bounds Outside
Out of Bounds Pro Shop & Course Picture
The Pro Shop

We have a fully stocked pro shop with 1000’s of new and used discs, bags, carts, hats, shirts, socks, accessories and games. We even have local honey made right here on site. (Made by the bees, managed by Ryan Cowan.)

While it is common for small niche stores to have marked up prices, we do not do that. I don’t say this to sound negative in any way towards anyone that does, all businesses are ran a bit different. But our goal with the pro shop is to have a HUGE selection of disc golf equipment and sell it for the price the manufactures suggest, or lower when on sale.

Our thought process in our store is not “how to make the most from every product”. I know many big businesses and data crunchers will laugh at that statement, but it’s just not our way. The experience we provide is a huge part of our vision. We want you to be excited to come here, and have fun. We only want you to buy things that you need and want and that will truly bring you joy. We have talked people out of purchases many many times. And yes that may sound dumb to some, but I assure you it is not.

When you walk into our store, our goal is not to sell you something. Our goal is to find out why you came in, or in other words, what it is you are looking for and help you find it. If you tell me you are trying to throw further and I see the perfect speed driver, already broken in on the used rack that I make a couple bucks on, and you are about to buy a brand new limited edition driver that looks pretty, I will explain the differences to you. 

We do not want to just sell you things. We want you to come out here and test discs, learn more about disc golf, find out what actually works the best for you and most of all, we want it to be fun. So circling back, we never want you to buy a disc and walk out the door and find out you over paid because we sell our discs $3 more than msrp. That is not going to happen. And if it ever does, I beg you to tell us, nicely :), so we can make it right. So to close out this thought, yes, we do want to make money and yes we are a business. If we don’t make money we won’t be able to keep this place open and that’s not good for anyone. But no one walks in here as only a customer. We treat everyone that walks in here with respect the same as we would our family. 


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