Skee Disc – Final 4 – Championship

Skee-Disc 🔥Final 4🔥 Championship

$10 Entry
Friday, March 26th
20 Players

Players will compete in groups of four. Two players from each group will advance to the next round, and this will repeat until we have one final group of four players. These final four players will compete for the top positions and cash payout.

Payout based on 20 players:

1st Place $100 cash

2nd Place $75 cash

3rd Place $25 cash


Skee disc is a control shot, disc golf skills competition we created a few years ago. It is not about how far you can throw a disc, but how well you can control the placement of your disc, combined with your accuracy to hit an Ace, and the mental strategy to know which to choose.


There are multiple stations. Players throw multiple discs from each station. There are target zones painted on the ground below the basket. The closer you get to the basket, the more points you get, but… the zones are offset towards the front of the basket. So if you over shoot the basket by too much distance, you will get zero points. If you Ace or hit metal, you get even more points, however, running the Ace can result in missing the basket and ending up with 0 points. There is a lot of strategy and decision space in this game.