Kickoff 2021 Member Bag Tag Event

Out of Bounds Disc Golf

Kick Off 2021 Member Bag Tag Event


Saturday March 20th 

Tee Time: 9:30am

Tee Time: 12:00pm

Entry: FREE

Optional Ace Pot: $5

Optional Side Bet: $5 

Ace pot $$ at each tee time will be a CTP if not hit. 




Players can only signup for 1 tee time right now. After the morning round, if there are openings in the afternoon, players from the morning will be able to enter the afternoon round also. 




We will have food and drinks available during the day, for each tee time.




Members are welcome to bring their family to hang out and to eat and drink for free. Please let us know how many guests you are bringing with you ahead of time so we can prepare the correct amount of food for everyone. 

Children and pets are welcome but must be supervised by an adult and out of respect for the players, please keep a respectful distance and refrain from interacting or distracting the players. 




Must sign up using this link. If you are signing up multiple players, please include their names. If you are coming out but not playing in any tee time, please sign up under the spectator option.