Progress Report One

We are getting really excited over here! Construction is well on it’s way. I will give you all a quick run through of what have done, what we’re doing now and where we’re headed.

Out of Bounds Utility Building


This little gray building to the left is our utility building. This was not here a few months ago and is an important key to making this all possible. The space this provides us is allowing our pro shop to be very clean and organized and maximize the available space for our products and nice displays.


This larger building to the right is what will soon be Out of Bounds, the Disc Golf Pro Shop. This was once a construction shop and is currently being remodeled. The two windows on the front of the building were not there a few weeks ago. One of the next steps will be to add the front door between the two windows.

A few more areas of repair and fresh coat of paint, and the exterior of the pro shop will be ready to go.

Out of Bounds Disc Golf Pro Shop



On the left side of the building you can see the old door that was used for the shop. That will eventually become an added on bathroom for the pro shop. Back to the left of this picture, where the telephone pole is, there will be our tee pads for the driving range. Players will throw the discs towards the right of this picture in a clearing back there. As we work on those areas we will post some more updates with pictures.

This marks the end of this progress report. Thanks for keeping up with us and we look forward to meeting you all very soon!


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