Discraft ESP Raptor

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The Raptor is an overstable control driver perfect for throwing consistent lines. It handles the wind very well and can help you get the predictability out of your disc, that you need when the wind kicks up.

This ESP Raptor is an aqua or teal color with nice Smokey swirls around the rim. A solid gold stamp for the final touch.

ESP is a premium plastic, durable, yet slightly less than tougher plastics such as Z, but steps it up with its grip.



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Discraft Aqua/Teal Swirly ESP Raptor w/ Gold stamp.

9  4  0  3

Scale: 174g

Sleepy Scale: 9/10 (Unthrown w/ normal storage wear)

*Actual disc is pictured but colors may appear different in person due to lighting. We do try to take some pictures in the light box and some out of the box to help portray the disc colors more accurately. 

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