Double Trouble 4/6

Double Trouble Doubles at OOB




Every Saturday in April we will host a unique disc golf event with some sort of twist. This Saturday is our Double Trouble $3000 Ace Pot!! 

—-Only sign up one time per individual for now. If there are spots open later in the week, we will open it up to people signing up for both rounds. 

—- BOTH players have to hit the ace (Double Ace) back to back on the same hole number to get $3000. 

—- We are relocating some of the tougher baskets to make them more likely to Ace. 

—- If no partners manage the Double Ace, then there will be a $500 Ace pot paid out to any regular aces. 

—- If there is a Double Ace hit, no other single aces will be paid out. 

—- There will be no Cali players in this event. 

Check In: 20 min before tee time

Tee Times: 9:30am  12:00pm 

$5 entry

$5 Ace pot 

*please pay with cash if possible. 


*please read ALL rules above before sign up.

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