100% Recycled Discs

100% Recycled Discs

Trash Panda is a disc golf company focused on making all their discs as sustainably as possible. They use 100% recycled plastics and natural minerals to make their discs.

Their current line up at the time of this post is the Inner Core and the Dune. The Inner Core is a nuetral flying putter (2  4  -.5  0) and the Dune is a slightly understable Mid-Range (5  5  -1  0). 

Or visit our shop in Cibolo, TX and check out our full inventory. We have 1000’s of discs in our phyiscal shop, not listed here on our website. 

Trash Panda Discs

Premium & Base plastics

Trash Panda currently has a Premium blend and a baseline blend, and both are made from recycled plastic. Trash Panda is so committed to their goal, their discs don’t even have foil stamps as that would create non-recyclable waste. 

The discs do take dye if you would like to personalize yours and they do have the branding physically molded into the disc. 

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