Weekly Events 2/23 – 2/24

Friday & Saturday Mini Signups Below
——** $800 ACE POT on SATURDAY ** ——

  • $100 BONUS for Ace w/ OOB bag tag visible!

Friday Glow Dubs at OOB (Now w/ Divisions!!)
Black Out Course
9 Regular Boxes & 9 night boxes at 100-200ft.
Pick your partner / Best shot doubles

Check In: 20 min before tee time
Tee Time: 6pm
$5 Entry (per player)
$5 Optional Ace Pot ($250)
*please pay with cash if possible.




Saturday mini at OOB
Winter Bag Tag Season

You can play in the Saturday mini the same as you always do. The Bag Tag season is a $10 (one time fee) add on for members to join the Ranked Season. You must have an active OOB store membership ($30 for the year) to become a ranked bag tag member.

Check In: 20 min before tee time
Tee Times: 9:30am 12:00pm

$2 Entry (100% store credit payout)
$5 Optional Ace Pot @ $800
$5 Optional Side Bet (100% cash payout)
*please pay with cash if possible.



Out of Bounds
549 Tolle Rd.
Cibolo TX 78108

Host Website:


  • We track your rank in the shop on a physical board. This ensures that all tags are always up for grabs every weekend. No one can win the #1 tag and coincidently forget it next weekend. It’s always on the line.

-Accolades are back!! On the Rank Board, every player has their name on a magnet strip that we slide up and down. We also tag your named magnet with all your accolades during the season. Can you hit a 30ft putt before the season is over? What about a 40ft and a 50ft? Will you get your 75ft+ field Ace? How many aces can you get tagged on your name? This is a fun additional way to just visually see everyone’s accomplishments and a side game of seeing if you can get them all.

-The $10 entry’s we collect from each player gets payed back out to the players during the season. Some in monthly drawings and some at the end of the Season.

-Get a $100 bonus when you a hit an Ace with your tag on your bag.

-Physical tags do not have numbers. These are in production and will be handed out in a few weeks. (You can still get your $100 bonus while these haven’t been delivered yet) At the end of the season, anyone who wants their number engraved on their tag can turn them in and have that done for free.


You can purchase one at any time. It’s $30 for a full 12 months from the date of purchase. This gets you 20% off a disc once a month, lots of exclusive discounts on items in store, 10% on all OOB apparel and sometimes with super limited releases, we will limit them to members only for the first day.

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