Important Time-Lapse Info

Saturday Mini Time-Lapse
Important Details

Please share this with your friends that are playing to make sure they know these rules.

All players who don’t have 4 scores logged in our Saturday minis will play in Gold. (If you are playing for the Time-Lapse) If you do not have 4 scores and would like to play in a lower division, you will have to send us the following info and convince all 3 of us. (Clarence, Tom & Linda) The more valid info you can send us, the better but these are listed in order of what we would prefer to see:

  • Scores from your most recent organized tournaments.
  • Organized Mini tournament scores.
  • Logged casual rounds w/ witnesses.
  • Multiple witnesses that we personally know and trust to confirm your avg scores.

*We would ultimately like to see 4 recent scores of yours to avg. If we have 0 scores for you logged, please send us 4. If we have 3, please send us 1. And so on. If you plan to request a lower division, please send this info asap. Waiting till Saturday to ask us will most likely result in you playing in Gold. We will be very busy on Saturday.

Check your division & logged scores here:

Due to the competitive nature of this event and money on the line, we will be putting players on random cards, if you are playing for the Time-Lapse. If you are not playing for the Time-Lapse, we will try our best as we usually do to leave you with the people you signed up with.

Please show up early. There is extra info to go over and rules you will need to understand if you want a chance at a Time-Lapse. The gate will open at 8:30am. Please be here and signing up by 9:10am. I know that might not be possible and things happen. BUT, if you are not here by 9:20am, and we haven’t heard from you, your spot will be given to players here waiting. For the afternoon round, this cut off time is 11:50am.

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