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Hello everyone! Welcome to our weekly newsletter where we recap highlights from last week, things upcoming this week and sometimes just take a deeper look into some of the things we do.

New Releases

The most notable release this week is the new batch of Eternal Alphas by Mint Discs. Those actually just released online earlier tonight at 7pm and will be available tomorrow at 10am in the shop.

Releases on our website vs Facebook

If you have ever noticed that sometimes we do new releases on our website and sometimes on our Facebook page, and wondered why, this section is for you. Basically, I prefer to release on our website because the way we have it setup allows us to post multiple images of each disc. I like to show each disc from different angles, especially including the profile, and take pictures inside and outside of a light box to show its true color in different lighting. We all know that these discs come out different. I can’t grab 10 Alphas, or Destroyers or anything off the shelf and all of them be the same. So while our focus has always been our physical shop and giving customers the best in person experience we can when shopping, online has an important role in our society too. And for me, if I’m going to have an online web store I’m going to try and make the experience for the customer be the way I would want it when I shop. That means, multiple pictures of each disc showing its profile, front, back, different light sources, I scale each and every disc and write that as well as weight stamped by the manufacturer, and we let items stay saved in your cart for 5 minutes. (I cannot stand having products in my cart and not being able to look around a bit more because I’m scared someone is going to buy it faster than me.)

To me, this is the best online experience there is when trying to choose a disc. But this takes WAY more time. So sometimes we just don’t have time to put them on the website. And when we don’t have the time to do all that for the website, then we utilize the convenience factor of Facebook. Both for us but also for the customer. It’s way easier for someone to go onto our Facebook page and just type “BIN” and know that we will pull that disc for them. But you only get one picture of that disc. Pros and Cons for both but we like to do them on the website when we can.

Dollar League Final Week

This coming weekend is the last weekend of Season 6. Technically everyone can come get 2 more scores for their league standings if they play both rounds.

Course Update Coming Soon

With the Dollar League ending this week, that also means we will be changing up the course pretty soon as well. For anyone not aware, we run different leagues and seasons and we like to change up a few basket placements for each league to keep things fresh.

Saturday Raffles

If you have been out to our minis in the last couple weeks, you’ve seen we have been doing our weekly dollar raffles again. The money we make on those raffles is going towards our Chain Team and supporting their tournament entries and gear so thank you all for supporting those raffles!

Kraken Chains Tournament

Natalie and Mike will be running the OOB booth at the Kraken tournament out at Graytown this weekend also. Let us know if you’re going out there and want us to send them with anything specific you need or want.

I hope you all have an awesome and productive week full of fun and wonderful quality time with friends & family!

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