Dollar League Season 6 Kickoff!

Season 6

Season 6 Dollar League Kickoff tomorrow! 

w/ Skill Based Divisions 🏆

This information is not necessary to know in order to participate. But if you’re curious and want to understand how our league system works, what we mean by skill based divisions and what’s different about our league than many others, there is a very detailed breakdown below. 




We use these divisions for our regular Saturday mini and the Dollar Leagues. Players compete in divisions based on their skill in our Saturday minis. We track everyone’s scores and continuously average your last 4 scores.

<54 is Gold

54 – 63 is Silver 

64+ is Bronze 

(4th div below bronze might be coming soon) 

We analyze the scores every week and the players winning are typically winning with scores that should win that division. If anyone is killing their division consistently, they will get bumped up due to their avg getting better. Sometimes a player will crush their division and people will question why they are in that Div. But when reviewing their stats, it’s usually that their last few scores were much worse and they just had a really good game. And when a player shoots much better than their avg is exactly when someone should win. This system works great for us and also allows brand new players to join in the competitive leagues without feeling like “they are not ready”. It also allows men, women, kids & adults to all play in the same league and compete fairly. So if you are female or a junior and noticed that we don’t have age protected or gender based divisions, this is why. While it takes a lot of extra work on our end to track player averages every week, we really feel the result is worth the effort in creating fair and competitive play. 

All that being said, there are a couple caveats to this system. One, once a player moves up a division, they do not automatically move back down. Once a player has shown us their true skill level, we feel they should stay in that division unless they request to drop back down. Upon request, if their avg has in fact dropped back down, we will potentially approve dropping them back down after analyzing a few different things. We understand that some players may have lucky streaks or deal with injuries or things like that. We want it to be fun for everyone and that includes not having players “stuck” in a division where they are not competitive. 

The other caveat is that during a league/season, if a player ranks up divisions mid-season, they stay in their current league division until the season is over. For example, Player A is in Season 6, in Silver and has at least 4 scores logged. They start doing really good and rank up to Gold. They are now a gold player officially but for the season, we leave them in the Silver league division until the season is over. For weekly payouts, they will compete in Gold, but for the season winnings, they get to finish in Silver. 




Our dollar league runs in 3 month (roughly) seasons. During signups at any mini during the season, you simply pay $1 extra and that score will be logged as a league score. At the end of the season, your best 5 scores will avg together for your final score. We really like this format because it does not punish players that cannot come out every weekend. As long as you can play 5 times, you can score as good as anyone else. So while the more times you come out, the more chances you have to score good, this format does not give too much emphasis or advantage to people that can play every weekend. We don’t want someone to win a season due to being able to participate more. This system also does not punish players for playing in poor conditions and having fun. What I mean is that if it’s raining and muddy but you still want to play and try, you can. If you do good you keep it, if you don’t, you don’t. If all your scores counted, it would become a game of players only playing when the conditions are perfect and we would rather people play any time they want and not be punished just for coming out in subpar elements. 

We look forward to Season 6! 

Please feel free to ask any questions below. 

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