Mini / Mini Tournament 1/21/23

Mini / Mini @ Out of Bounds!

“A full sized tournament with mini sized discs.”
(Sign ups at bottom of this post)

Saturday, Jan. 21st 2023
Tee Times: 9:30am & 12:00pm
$5 entry (pays store credit)
$5 optional Ace Pot ($1000)
$10 optional Side Bet (pays cash)

*players can play in both tee times and use their best score.

Divisions use our Gold, Silver, Bronze system just like our typical Saturday minis. If you are not familiar, basically, we track player’s scores during our Saturday minis and give everyone an avg based on their last 4 scores. If you avg below Par, you are in Gold, between 1-9 over, you are in Silver, and 10+ you are in Bronze. If we do not have any data on you and you come out, we put you in Silver unless we determine otherwise based on a discussion with you. This system keeps scores within each division very competitive and players are generally winning divisions with appropriate scores. With the exception of players shooting random scores way below their avg which does happen sometimes, and newer players that we have minimal data on. But actual sandbagging is essentially non existent as we regulate what divisions all players are in.

The Mini discs we are referring to are the ones sized around 15cm or 6in, also referred to as Junior discs and mini throwers. (Not mini markers) Anyone signed up can purchase mini discs from our shop at 20% off, or you can provide your own. Please do not wait till the day of the event to purchase your minis. We have a limited amount that may sell out by the day of the event .

20% OFF these prices
MVP – $9.95 msrp
Discraft – $8.99 msrp
Lone Star – $9.50 msrp

This tournament will play on our standard 18 hole course with potential basket placement changes, using our normal baskets with a modified cage to help catch the smaller sized discs. Our Prodigy T1 championship grade baskets already have the strike zone (cross chains) that are perfect for creating smaller gaps in the chains, to stop mini discs.