2022 End of Year OOB Member Party!!

OOB End of Year Member Party
Saturday, December 17th 2022


**Please only sign up for one round. We will open it up for extra rounds if the event doesn’t fill up. **



This will be the final bag tag match of the year for Ranked OOB members. Make sure you bring your tags and turn them in so we can engrave them with your final rank.

Available Tee Times
9:30am and 12:00pm
$2 entry
$5 Ace pot – $9000 Combo Ace*(details below)
$5 side bet

Flex Start Putting Contest
9:00am to 2:30pm
Members get 1 FREE round.
$1 cash per extra round
Payout = Prize + All cash entries

OOB Raffle with lots of Goodies!!

Free Food & Drinks!!

What is the $9000 Combo Ace Pot?
Combo Ace Pot = Every hole has its own $500 Ace Pot. This means if you Ace 4 different holes, you will get paid $2000, or if you Ace all 18 holes you get paid $9000! The other less obvious benefit of this system is that if you Ace hole 5 and another player Aces hole 7, you do not have to split the cash with each other. Ranked OOB members are still entitled to their $100 bonus for each Ace.