1 Disc Triples Tournament


1.) Panther – Tracy O., Jay Yeti, Shannon F.
2.) Panther-Josh Goddard, Zach Ochoa, Ray Ruiz
3.) Buzzz – Nate, Jenna, Gavin
4.) Buzzz – Randal, Taylor, Charley
5.) Hatchet – Paul, Christy, Sean
6.) Coyote – Ana E, Kyle E, Adam Giarratano
7.) Glide – Dave D, Bill D, Joseph Serrano
8.) Anax – Toby Kunze, Dan Morris, Ryan Harkey
9.) ?? – Merle, Adam G., ?
10.) Truth – Brian F, Ezekiel C, Dimas Q.
11.) Roc – Jimbob, Chad Reid, Fernando Brown
12.) Firebird – Mike Huff.., JD B., Matt G.
13.) DD3 – Chris Monn, Mark L., Ryan Little
14.) Shryke – Justin Dygert, Orlando P., Jacob R.
15.) A2 – Nick Grainger, Jason Ramos, ?
16.) Firebird – Brian G, Matt E, Kevin P.
17.) Roc – Ben Blount, Mike T, Robert Smith
18.) Stalker – Michael V, Patrick V, Todd Woody

Saturday, April 4th at 1pm
$10 cash / per person
Normal 18 Hole Layout

This is capped at 54 people (18 teams) and Disc choices are limited so sign up today!

Must sign up as a full team. If you don’t have a full team but want to play, let us know and we will put you on a waiting list.

Each team will use only one mold (disc type) for the entire tournament. For example, if you are Team Buzzz, everyone on your team can ONLY throw the Buzzz for EVERY shot, including drives and putts. You can, however, use multiple buzzz’s in different weights and plastics.

* Spots and disc types are limited!!

** Once 2 teams are signed up with a specific disc, we will not accept any more teams with that same disc/mold.

*** Due to the high potential of disagreement on what is considered the same disc or mold, Out of Bounds will make all final decisions based on how we want the fairness and balancing of teams to be. A general rule of thumb, but not 100%, is we will consider discs from the same brand, with the same core name, to be the same disc/mold. Example: a San Marino Roc and Rancho Roc will be considered the same disc whereas a Roc and a Roc3 will be considered different discs.

6 Best Shot
6 Tough Shot
6 Best Score

100% cash payout to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams

Payout below is based on 54 people.

1st – $300
2nd – $180
3rd – $60

There will be a $5/player optional ace pot and it will be CTP’d off if not hit.

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