Weekly Newsletter

Hey there and welcome to our new weekly newsletter where we take a deeper look at what’s going on at OOB (Out of Bounds).

Weekly Recap

Last week, we just got in the new Discmania C-Line MD1. They first brought the MD1 back to the Originals lineup as the “Mindbender” and now we get this C-Line blend. It’s Discmania’s super straight mid. At the end of the week we finally got in a new batch of MVP Glitches and we do still have some available. We also got some new special edition Hex and electron Stabilizers that we didn’t get to put out yet, so those should hit our shelves tomorrow, Tuesday. We also got a ton more used discs.

Used Discs at OOB

This is an area that often has misconceptions so I will break down our used disc program a bit. We have about 400-500 used discs for sale right now. We buy all of our used discs off players and we don’t take used discs that have other people’s contact information. We do this because we like to encourage the community to return lost discs to their owners. It’s not a perfect system, but the last thing we want to do is encourage people to go find discs and come sell them to us. And we do understand that some discs have names on them but you bought the disc fair and square from a used disc bin or from a friend. But, the thing is that everyone does not have our same policies in place so the discs you buy from used bins or off people in the community can easily have been found outside on the course first and then sold there. More often than you may think, in the past, people would come shop our used rack and find their disc which we legitimately bought off a customer who ensured us they bought it used. Well this person has been missing this disc and wants it. We ALWAYS give those discs back to their owner (for free) even though we paid for it because we cannot bring ourselves to charge someone for their own disc. So we lose the money. That doesn’t happen as much now that our policies are stricter but there is still a small %. So it’s best to not take any discs with other names unless we really know its origin. Not everyone feels the same about lost discs, but we personally want them to all get back to their original owners. So we try our best to help that happen rather than encourage people to find them and sell them to us.

Lost & Found Discs

I should also clarify that we don’t sell our lost and found discs either. We keep discs in our lost and found for at least 30 days, usually much longer, and then they become abandoned. We donate all of our abandoned discs or give them back to the people that found them and turned them in. A lot of times we donate to youth groups or church retreats. We actually just donated 40-50 discs to a church group a month or two ago. We also let people pick discs out that have recently had their bags stolen.

This Week’s New Releases

The Discmania Horizon Cloudbreaker on Wed. at 10am, the Elevation Gecko on Thurs. at 4pm and the Discraft Zone OS on Fri. at 10am. We will put out a separate post for each of these releases.

OOB Booths at Events

One of our goals this year is to get out to a lot more disc golf tournaments in our community. It’s been very difficult in the past as there are only 3 of us that run/work at OOB and our shop is usually open at the same time. But Natalie and Mike Sykos are now helping us out and running remote OOB booths, so you will see OOB out and about a lot more. So a big thanks to them for helping! We will actually be out at the Bluebonnet Women’s Open this weekend at Live Oak, and we will be handling payout for the event as well.

Food Donations / Saturday Mini

Thank you to everyone who donates on Saturdays and helps us keep our course looking beautiful. Just a reminder that the food donations we collect, whether it be from the grill or pizza, all goes to cover the cost of the food and then if there is anything left over it goes towards OOB course maintenance. Of course, sometimes there is not enough to cover the food, and it actually costs us money. We don’t charge green fees for our course and it’s our goal to keep it that way. But there is a lot that goes into maintaining a disc golf property. Even just the obvious things like gas, equipment/maintenance and time, cost a whole lot, especially when the course is getting mowed and hit with a weed eater weekly. But there is so much more that goes into it as well. So thank you to everyone for donating and supporting our course. We really appreciate you all and thank you for helping to keep the course free.

Have a wonderful week!

Thanks for keeping up with us over here at OOB. Lots of fun stuff coming out this week so stay tuned and hope you get some fun rounds of golf in this week!