Out of Bounds Disc Golf Course

(9 Hole w/ 18 Hole Layout) – 549 Tolle Rd. Cibolo, TX 78108 (Wooded, Challenging, Nice use of OB, Very Maintained)

Out of Bounds Disc Golf Course is a nice Par 27/54 course located in Cibolo TX right behind Steele High School.

The main course teeboxes provide a very challenging round of disc golf. A lot of time was put into the design of this course to ensure players of all skill levels will have their skills tested. Through the use of terrain and OB lines, it requires the disc golfer to put a lot of thought into their shots. While it is possible for a player to par the course throwing all backhand or all forehand shots, the design rewards players for being able to successfully throw both ways. The very well thought out use of OB lines create fairways that not only challenge a player to throw accurately, but also to control the power of their shots as well as make disc selections.

The course also has beginner boxes on each hole allowing new players to have fun and learn the game of disc golf without being able to throw far or as accurately. By throwing from these boxes as well as not using OB lines, the course instantly becomes beginner friendly and allows for a much more casual round of disc golf.  These boxes are also used for night golf and for ace run challenges.

This course is owned and maintained by the Cowan’s, owners of the Out of Bounds Disc Golf Pro Shop. It is free to play during business hours and we welcome all disc golfers to come enjoy the course with no obligation or pressure, ever, to purchase anything from our store. It is our goal to grow the sport of Disc Golf by having this very maintained course available specifically for disc golfers.

There is an Air Conditioned Pro Shop on site with refreshments, snacks and everything you might need for your disc golf game. There is a fully functioning and very clean bathroom on site. There is a Water Fountain outside as well as a deck with a shoe cleaning station and cart tire cleaning station.


HOLE 1 TEEBOX – 240ft

This fairway goes straight down between the two green trees, about 200ft to the back of the treeline, and then it’s a hard dog leg about 40ft in to the basket. There is an OB wall shown in the pics below, at the back treeline about 10ft deeper than the basket, punishing overthrows. *TIPS* This hole rewards a strong backhand throw. Throw drives up over the trees on the right side of the fairway, and let the disc crash down left into the basket for a possible ACE.

Out of Bounds Course Hole 1


HOLE 2 TEEBOX – 264ft

This hole has a tight fairway early on, opens up very wide in the middle for an easy lay up option, and then tightens back up into the woods where the basket is. *TIP* This hole rewards a strong backhand drive straight down the right hand side of the fairway all the way into the woods for a chance to reach the basket from the box.


HOLE 3 TEEBOX – 207ft

This is a tight tunnel shot all the way to the creek shown in the images below. From the creek, the fairway hooks around to the right hand side with the basket hidden behind a few trees. *TIP* A strong forehand flick shot thrown at just the right power to allow the disc to start breaking right, once it crosses the creek, will provide a high potential birdie shot. For backhands, laying up just before the bridge to the left side of the fairway, provides a very easy approach to the basket for par.


HOLE 4 TEEBOX – 280ft

This hole rewards a very straight shot slightly down the right side of the fairway. *TIP* A risky but rewarding shot is to throw a backhand shot over the trees on the right side of the fairway and let the drive crash down left into the basket for a possible ACE. It is also wide open before creek allowing for an easy layup, resulting in an easy approach for par.


HOLE 5 TEEBOX – 339ft

This hole starts straight and then opens up to the right for a large wide open landing zone, just past the creek. From there the basket is tucked up in the woods, about 100ft away, protected from by a very tight tunnel shot to approach through or drop up and over. *TIP* If you cannot drive the basket, laying up in the open area before the woods provides an easy over the top drop in on the basket.


HOLE 6 TEEBOX – 433ft

This is a very long par 3 but it is very open down the right hand side. This hole rewards distance from the box. *TIP* Get as much distance as you can while staying to the right side of the fairway where it is open. Attempting to drive the basket and falling short on the left side of the fairway results in a very punishing approach from the trees.


HOLE 7 TEEBOX – 293ft

This is a long tunnel shot about 200ft straight down, and then the fairway breaks to the right at about 45 degrees for another 90ft where the basket is elevated behind a wooden guardian wall. *TIP* A strong forehand shot up over the trees on the left side of the fairway can crash down to the right, on the basket for an easy birdie or possible ACE. A player without a forehand shot, while encouraged to expand their skills, can do a nice straight lay up shot about 180ft which will then present an easy approach for par.


HOLE 8 TEEBOX – 280ft

This hole opens up a bit for a more free shot over the trees or a nice shot right down the middle to setup the approach. *TIP* Driving up and over the trees on the right hand side of the fairway is a good way to get past the tree line that crosses the middle of the field and avoid having to approach through tight spaces.



This is the ACE hole! It is a 200ft straight shot at the basket which is on an island surrounded by OB. We run an ongoing ACE POT on this hole where players can throw into the pot before the round and win cash if they hit an ACE. *TIP* A nice straight backhand shot right down the middle is perfect for the ACE run! There is also a nice line for a forehand shot up over the trees on the left hand side of the fairway.



The back 9 holes are played using the same baskets, but from different tee boxes. So when you start your back 9, you go back to hole 1 but you thrown from a completely different tee box marked for hole 10, creating a completely different feel and different lines allowing it to play as a true 18 hole course.

*Concrete tee pads and signs are currently in progress.

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