9 Hole Course Ready

Our 9 hole course is now ready to play! There is a full disc golf pro shop on site and the course is available to the public during store hours. There are some parts of the course we are still working such as tee pads, signs and lots of detailed landscaping to make our course really shine but we wanted to go ahead and let everyone play now, as we continue working on those other parts. We do have championship level Prodigy T1 baskets installed on the course already!

We are also currently working on alternate tee boxes for each hole which will allow our course to be played as an 18 hole course.

The course itself is really fun and provides quite a bit of a challenge. We have spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into each hole. Because of that, the full course will really challenge you to open up your bag and use a lot of different shots to score well. We are putting the same amount of thought into the back nine alternate boxes as well so the shots will really compliment the front 9 holes. This creates completely different looks and lines to the basket.

For example, on hole 4, the tee box is strategically placed so that a tree blocks most over the top shots, forcing you to stay low and shoot straight. However, when you loop back around and get to hole 13, this alternate tee box location opens up your shot and really rewards the players who have a good deep hyzer bomb or a good tomahawk.

This type of diversity to each hole creates a challenge but really opens up the game and allows well rounded players to really shine on the score card. We also wanted our course to be fun and enjoyable to all players, from rookies to pros. To accomplish that, we have designed some strategic “Out of Bounds” lines which not only highlight our business name and add unique and fitting character to our course, but it allows pros to find the challenge they seek. That makes it easy enough for players searching for a more casual game to simply not use the out of bounds lines during their game.

Now that our course is up and running, we have lots of things planned from tournaments to league play and other fun events. So come out and play now but also stay tuned for our upcoming events. We are kicking our course off as free to play. We have not decided if it will always be free to play, but it will be for the near future so we hope to see you soon!

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