Welcome to the 2018 Season 2 Leaderboard! Every Saturday (unless posted otherwise) we have an 18 hole mini tournament at our course. Tee Times are 9:30am, 10:30am and 11:30am. Players are put into divisions automatically based on the average of their last 4 scores. We feel this creates a great experience for players by creating fair competition. We will track and post scores so everyone can easily see what division they are in, as well as review their past scores.

Entry is only $2 per person for all divisions and everyone is welcome to participate. There is also a $5 optional ace pot. Payout can be cash or store credit and is the winner’s choice.

COURSE RECORD: -10 Robert Gomez

Matt Elias4545
Robert Gomez4548464444
Chris Leifeste4646
John Jackson4646
Shannon Fosdick474549
Robert Smith4848
Tracy Olson4849484946
Brian Goelz4949
Nick Osborne4950*495148
Randall Karshis494950
Adrian Esparza5050
CJ Riojas5050
Taylor McCarty5050
TJ Kallista50535146
Adam Hernandez5151
Alex G515350
Calvin Smith5154544752
Mark Lozano5151
Phil Russel51545050
Jack Couke52
Charles Chapman5352535158
Josh Weidenfeld535254
Raul O.53
Robert Herzog535651
John Casses5454515556
Mando Flores5454
Mike Tyson545058
Pete Lopez5454
Ron Martinez5453605155
Chad Reid555947*5859
Joseph Serrano55
Matt Graves55545953
Nick Castillo5555
Dave Schutt565657
Elliot P5656
Michael Hufschmid5658555556
Nick Grainger565755*5756
Seth Talbott
Jon Hackathorne
Matt Yule
Ricky Boshart
Brian Crowley
Kyle Clancy
Orlando Gonzales
Jeff Noojin
Mike Herrera
Choctaw Patterson576153
Chris Burwell5757
Jesse Sanchez5757
Logan Plake57
Lyle Updike5757
Mathew Young57
Richard McCorvey57
Robert Maltby5757
Bryan Powers58
Gary Chamberlain58
Noel Gonzales586254
Clarence Cowan59
Jason Denato5959
JD Balderas596256
Mike McGuire59645757
Nick Lopez59
Orlando Pereida59
Cory Hartwick60
JJ Delafuente60655958
Joe Garza606159
Patrick Vrba616062
Brandon Bullard61
Hudson McGuire61656060
Brian Webber6262
George Gonzales6262
Mike Fanick62626660
Mike Meyer62
Nathan Bailey62
Robbie Plake62
Thomas Martin62616263
Toby Leslie626362
Dave Doss63
Kevin Arredondo63
John Godre6363
Casey Gibbs6363
Jeff McClanahan636561
Jericho Lomas
Michael Bellamy
Mikee Castillo
Andy Schwartz
Eric Larrew
Brandon Pratt
Jordan H.
Shane D.
Brian Smith
Devon Dees
Jason Howard
John Spencer
Noel B.
Charles Lawrence
Josh Luna
Ramon Esquivel
Damon McFarland
Bill Dykes64
Chris Woods646761
Doug Begole656566
Joseph Garza656467
Kyle Etrheim6565
Phillip Higginbotham6565
Tom Cowan65
Chris James66
Pops Stobaugh687264
Sean Alonzo69
Adam Petry7070
Hans Amende7171
Paul Miller72717273
Ross Devries72
Allen Love7374747074
Priscilla Garcia7373
Ron Savage7474
Ana Engstrom76
Christy Miller767875
Juantonio M.7777
Aiden Grainger7878
Michael Phoenix78
Amanda Lobit8789948582
Pete Stevens89
Aiden Delafuente9090
Patrick Herzog9191
Sean Riddle10096104
Adam Fabian
Bud Miller
Jacob Luna
Kyle Engstrom
Lemont Gray
Chris Maslak
Sam Huerta
Jordan Garvin
Kourtney Thompson
Shaun V.
Vince Huerta
Brandon Henderson
Mike Castillo
Nick Puckett
Brendan Begole
Robert Page