Discraft Release Update

We received a tracking update saying that our Discraft order containing the Halloween, Brody and Hades discs, is arriving tomorrow. There is no estimated time of arrival so to keep it fair for everyone, and not waste anyone’s time, we have a new plan. 

There will no longer be a 10am release since we don’t know for sure if we will have them yet. So instead, when we receive our shipment of Discraft discs, we will post on Facebook letting everyone know that they will be available in 1 hour from that post. 

We apologize for the poor news. I know many of you have to make plans to try and be at the shop at 10am and this new plan makes it difficult to actually plan at all. Unfortunately, it’s out of our control so we are now trying to do it in a way that still gives everyone a little notice to have a fair shot at getting what they want. 

Thanks for understanding and see you all tomorrow!! 

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